Forge Staff

Forge Staff
  • TeamForge

    Forge eSports

    We are Team Forge and we are a eSports Orginization. We Play Games Such As: COD CSGO Rocket League LoL Smash Bros Overwatch   We hope you love what we do.  ...Read More

  • Keyygan

    Keyygan Bourque

    ...Read More

  • Keyin™

    Kian Lima

    I am the owner of the team 1 of 3...Read More

  • Hypez

    Daniel Jones

    Im the amazing CSGO Awper :)...Read More

  • Ajax

    Michael Padron

    hi...Read More

  • forgeajax

    ...Read More

  • Purped0ut

    Hello, I am Purped0ut fellow staff here at ForgeES. I am always glad to meet new people and help out in anyway possible. If any help is needed please contact me or other staff on the Discord Server. From the team at ForgeES, we want to thank you for visiting the site and helping us grow everyday!...Read More

  • Burklam

    Devin Bright

    Admin...Read More

  • Forge Nikko

    Forge Nikko

    Forge Nikko, Developer on ForgeES. And I always happy to help anyone, no matter what the situation is. I am always looking forward to the future and never the past. I always use mistakes as things to learn from, not things to be embarrassed from. As it's said: "learn from your mistakes!" I am always open to any tips or suggestions that need to be heard of. Ciao!#ForgeWithUs @TeamForgeES...Read More

  • fletcherxgod

    Forge Fletcher

    ...Read More

  • forgedibs

    Forge Dibs

    ...Read More

  • meeeehaaaa

    Forge Meeeehaaaa

    ...Read More

  • myguybradd

    Forge Bradd

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  • Stups

    Rory Ashurst

    I am a Junior in HIghschool and play baseball aspiring to play college. I invest a lot of time in gaming as well and love this organization with all my heart....Read More